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Beauty Treatments

Dermalogica Pro Services

ProSkin 30 £30

The ultimate customisable treatment, depending on your skins needs. Each 30 minute facial is customised to your skin type and any concerns you may have.

ProSkin 60 £50

The ultimate customisable treatment, depending on your skins needs. Each 60 minute facial is customised to your skin type and any concerns you may have.

Pro Calm £50

This service targets all sensitive skin conditions. Soothing botanical actives provide relief while lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage help to calm a stressed nervous system. Visibly calms skin and reduces redness, leaves skin feeling softer, balances and hydrates.

Pro Firm £70

This treatment combines skin resurfacing to help revitalize and smooth this skin, while incorporating advanced techniques to firm and tone leaving the skin replenished, energising and glowing.

Pro Bright £70

Pro Bright is a high-intensity, 3-step treatment combining Vitamin C with powerful Niacinamide and Hexylresocinol – addressing uneven skin tone for brighter, smoother skin. This service is also great for treating pigmentation.

Pro Clear £70

This service targets all types of breakouts with a thorough, clearing skin treatment. Whether skin is congested with blackheads or active breakouts, Pro Clear is the answer. This professional skin treatment helps clear and calm skin’s congestion and post-breakout inflammation using  professional-grade actives and skin soothing techniques.

Dermalogica Pro Power Peels

Dermalogica's strongest, fastest chemical peel. This unique three-acid approach provides powerful resurfacing that is 100% tailored to your skin. Targets discolouration, texture, ageing and breakouts. 

Pro Power Peel 30 £50

Pro Power Peel 60 £70

Pro Power Eye Peel - add on to any facial £8


Pro Power Peel 30 x3 £125 x6 £250

Pro Power Peel 60 x3 £185 x6 £350

Dermalogica Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a deep exfoliation of the face, removing layers of dead skin, debris, oil, product build up and vellus hair. It is achieved using a medical grade scalpel and a skin stretching technique alongside Dermalogica products tailored to your skin concerns.

Dermaplaning Pro 30 £35

Dermaplaning Pro 60 £55

Dermalogica NanoInfusion 

Using a advanced device with small cones made of stainless steel or silicone that helps resurface skin and boost product infusion.Great for lines, wrinkles, dark spots and pores.

Pro Nanoinfusion 30 £55

Pro Nanoinfusion 60 £75

Dermalogica Microneedling £75 

Designed to stimulate the skin and trigger the natural repair process in the skin to promote skin rejuvenation, production of collagen and elastin and improve the appearance of the skin . Great for treating lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring and many more skin concerns. The procedure is performed in a safe and precise manner utilising a sterile Microneedling pen. 

The procedure is typically completed in 30-60 minutes depending on the required treatment and anatomical site being treated. 

Dermalogica LuminFusion - £90

LuminFusion combines a targeted eye peel plus retinol and hydroxy acid blend to resurface and renew, NanoInfusion technology to deeply infuse active ingredients and LED red light therapy to visibly restore skin luminosity & diminish signs of skin ageing, with no down time.

Body Treatments

The Back Reviver

45mins    £33

Like a facial for your back - using Dermalogica products we cleanse, exfoliate, give you a mini massage, use a mask and moisturise to leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and soft.

Swedish Massage

A traditional age old method of restoring life and vitality. This massage will relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and skin tone. A truly relaxing treatment.

Back, Neck and Shoulders   £25

Full Body   £36

Aromatherapy Massage

A softer massage than the traditional Swedish, using essential oils, which can help to assist in the body's natural healing process and help to relieve many conditions such as stress, pressure and water retention.

Back, Neck and Shoulders   £30

Full Body   £44

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. The use of which dates back to ancient times. Stones are placed on key points of the body, as well as used to massage with. The heat from the stones is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles release.

Back, Neck and Shoulders   £30

Full Body   £48

Hands & Feet

Using OPI ProSpa products and OPI polishes

Express Manicure   £16

Featuring essential OPI ProSpa products and techniques that doesn't sacrifice on a premiere experience.


Signature Manicure   £22

You will experience the quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with a relaxing massage and acupressure.


Pamper Manicure £29

The créme de la créme of manicures, you will benefit from unparalleled exfoliation, moisture & protection, while revelling in a combination of massage techniques and acupressure designed to reduce stress and relieve tension.

Express Pedicure £16

The OPI ProSpa Express Pedicure features essential OPI ProSpa products to provide a spa pedicure experience without increasing the service time.


Signature Pedicure £25.50

The OPI ProSpa Signature Pedicure includes OPI ProSpa products to soak, exfoliate and smooth callused feet. The service is completed with a massage to reduce stress and relieve tension.


Pamper Pedicure £33

The OPI ProSpa Pamper Pedicure includes unparalleled callus softening, exfoliation and moisture & protection. An extended massage to reduce stress, relieve tension will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Express Repair Treatment £18

For damaged or weak nails in need of some care. Using Nail Envy & Repair Mode.

OPI Gel Polish     £26

A non-chip gel polish for fingers or toes lasting 2 weeks. 

Soak Off & Re-Gel     £30

Gel Polish Toes     £26

Builder Gel

Using either OPI Diamond Gel or Bio Sculpture Contour Base & Build depending on your nails needs. Strengthens your natural nails and promotes growth whilst giving a beautiful non-chip finish. French finish and colour available.

Overlays   £32

Full Set Extensions   £37

Add length to your nails instantly with the same signature Bio Sculpture finish.

Rebalance/Infills   £27

Soak Off & Re-Gel   £40

Soak Off and Tidy   £20

Nail Repair/New Tip   £3.50

Acrylic Nails

Using acrylic to either strengthen your natural nails or make them longer.

Overlays   £32

Full Set Extensions   £37

Rebalance/Infills   £28

Soak Off & Re-Acrylic   £40

Soak off & Tidy   £20

Nail Repair/New Tip   £3.50


Nail Art

added to gel polish, builder gel or acrylics

Tier 1 £4 - French, Ombre French, all over glitter, a cuff or

simple design on two nails

Tier 2 £5.50 - up to four nails detailed art

Tier 3 £7 - all nails detailed art

Hair Removal


1/2 Leg   £16

3/4 Leg    £19

Full Leg   £22.50

Full Leg & Bikini   £28

Top Leg & Bikini   £18

Bikini   £12

French Bikini £26

Brazilian £30

Hollywood £35

Underarm   £10

Forearm   £12

Full Arm   £15

Lip   £7

Lip & Chin   £10

Eyebrow Wax/Tweeze   £9.50

Back or Chest (Men)    £20


10mins   £12.50

15mins   £14.50

1hr Course    £52


Eyebrows £11

Lip & Chin £11

Full Face £15

(discount for mutiple areas)

Lashes & Brows

A patch test is required for all new clients at least 24 hours before treatment


Lash Tint   £15

Brow Tint   £9

Lash & Brow Tint   £20

Brow Tint & Tidy   £15

Hybrid Tint - Brow Tint & Tidy £27

Henna Brows   £28

Brow Lamination inc Tint   £38

Lash Lift & Tint   £40

Lash Lift & Tint with Brow Lamination £65

Lash Extensions

The Monroe Set - full set of classic lashes   £57

The Hepburn Set - half set of classic lashes   £42


45-60 minutes £24.50

60-75 minutes £29.50

75-90 minutes £34.50

The Kate Set - full set of Russian natural lashes   £67

The Bardot Set - a full set of Hybrid lashes (mix of classic & Russian)  £63


45-60 minutes £28.50

60-75 minutes £34.50

75-90 minutes £38.50

Make Up with our HMUA Hailey

Natural Make Up £35

Glam Make Up £40

Add Faux Lashes £5-£8

Bridal Make Up £60

Bridal Make Up Trial £40

Bridal Make Up & Hair Trial £60

Bridal Party Make Up £40

Bridal Party Make Up Trial £30

Bridal Party Make Up & Hair Trial £60

All trials are carried out in the salon. Travel costs will be by quotation. A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure wedding dates. 

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