Chai Soap Bars 100g

Chai Soap Bars 100g

All the Up Circle Chai Soap Bars are gently exfoliating and made with residual chai spices used to create chai syrup. Choose from:


Chocolate Charcoal - To brighten and detoxify. Activated charcoal draws out toxins and tightens pores. Cacao extract boosts circulation and brightens skin.


Fennel & Cardamon - To cleanse and moisturise. Green clay draws toxins from pores, helping combat acne & breakouts. Shea butter leaves skin hydrated and smooth.


Cinnamon & Ginger - To purify and cleanse. Pink clay reduces redness, irritation and spots. Organic cinnamon & ginger oils give skin a reviving boost. 


100% natural, sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil free and UK made.